Small Groups

Presbyterian Men: Join Ed Freeborn in a gathering of Presbyterian Men…he is trouble from the get-go…it should should be fun. On Sunday September 22nd, grab your coffee and a donut and come and chat at Ed’s table with your ideas for PMFPCS. Breakfast fellowships? Retired Men's Luncheons? Mission Trips? Church Chores? Community Service??? The possibilities are endless!

”A Wisdom Way of Knowing”: Tillie Chase, pastor and certified spiritual director, will teach a class on wisdom. Class will start on Sept. 11 at 11:30 a.m. The class will go to lunch together, then come back to the church to explore a wisdom practice. Men, women, and interested youth are welcome. This will stretch us beyond the sit-in-the-pew discipleship. See Tillie’s August newsletter article for a more complete description.

Online Bible Study Groups: Two online Bible study opportunities. Zoom enables a group to gather (kinda like a fancy Skype or FaceTime) and interact effectively—without leaving home! One for youth…time to be determined. One for adults…later evening, about 8 or 8:30…time and day will be determined by participants. If you are interested, email Beth.

Tuesday Bible Study: This Bible study meets every Tuesday afternoon at 3:00pm (summer 10am) for an hour and a half at LaBar Village. Our specific goals are prayer, sharing, openness, Biblical knowledge, outreach, and application. Together we agree on what to study, and we rotate the leadership. There is always an empty chair in our circle. We have agreed to give priority to the meetings, to share responsibility and come prepared, to keep anything that is said strictly confidential, to encourage group members to support each other in attaining goals, and to give one another the right to call upon each other for help in time of need, even in the middle of the night. We welcome new members. Please contact the church office, for more information.

Friendly Pursuits: This group meets regularly for fellowship activities. We also try to go to brunch after church on Sundays, as often as possible. Do you have a favorite place to eat? Come join us, and we'll try it. If you are interested in being a part of this group, please notify Amy in the church office and give her your email address. This will put you on our list. The more, the merrier. Remember, if you are a senior, are widowed, divorced, just plain single, or a bachelor/bachelorette due to your spouse's long periods away from you, please join us. There's always an empty seat!