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9AM BFF Toddler Class
9AM K-12 Classes
9AM Adult Study: The Wired Word
10am Worship
11am Coffee & Conversation

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About Us

We follow Jesus. This practice of connecting to something larger than ourselves, being challenged to serve others before ourselves, and being in relationship with God (however we define that higher power) and with each other is life changing in small and large ways. We stand firmly on the teaching that we are worthy because God loves each of us as we are, and we do our best to accept each other with that same grace.

While we have many options from which to choose when it comes to priorities in our lives, at FPC, our first choice is the simple command Jesus gave: Love God and love your neighbor. We think that is world changing and worth our time, energy and resources.

Join us if you’d like to explore being part of a community focused on God’s love (an internal quality, expressed externally in concrete actions to benefit the other). We think that can change our world. You don’t have to know anything special or be anything special. You are God’s beloved child as you are.